Central Park Group's Founders have provided smaller institutional and private client investors access to private equity strategies, including real estate, for nearly two decades. 

Individual investors and smaller institutions typically lack the capital, resources and relationships necessary to gain access to, and perform the requisite due diligence on, institutional private equity firms. Effective diversification is difficult for smaller investors due to institutional minimums of $5-$20 million per fund. 


Central Park Group focuses on managers with global resources, access to capital, banking relationships and extensive networks. While private equity has historically delivered attractive returns over long periods, manager selection is critical as results can vary greatly by manager and vintage year. 

The Firm seeks to introduce new offerings additional offerings each year, allowing investors to create a program of planned and steady capital commitments over multiple vintage years. This may help to avoid over-allocating at the top of a cycle and may help ensure that investors are not under-allocated during difficult economic periods, when valuations may be attractive. It may also enable diversification across strategies and managers.

Central Park Group has relationships with, and has conducted extensive due diligence on, many of the premier names in private equity and real estate. Experience has demonstrated the importance of partnering with global top performing managers, many with more than 20-year track records and experience through a wide variety of market cycles. 

During their careers, Central Park Group Founders have created innovative fund structures, including funds-of-funds, a crossover fund that combined public and private biotech investments and offered investors "co-investment" rights with a large global buyout fund. 

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