Central Park Group may help to overcome many of the challenges typically faced by private clients and smaller institutional investors seeking to invest in hedge funds and funds-of-funds.

High minimums, limited access to talented managers and lack of resources for due diligence and monitoring are typical barriers to constructing diversified hedge fund portfolios.

Central Park Group provides access to hedge fund opportunities that meet a variety of goals, liquidity time frames, minimums and diversification requirements. Offerings are supported by due diligence, fund structuring, investor education and back office services.

The Firm concentrates on hedge fund and fund-of-funds managers with experience spanning varying market conditions, a defined and repeatable investment process, skilled teams with strong pedigrees, the ability to attract and retain talent, clearly articulated portfolio and trading rules, appropriate transparency and robust financial, compliance and risk controls. Longstanding relationships have enabled Central Park Group to offer funds that are otherwise oversubscribed or closed to new investors.

Over their careers, Central Park Group Founders have led the industry in innovative fund structures tailored for high net worth and smaller institutional investors. They pioneered registered single manager and funds-of-funds and have invested nearly $10 billion in over 100 hedge funds.


Image: Bethesda Fountain - Central Park